21 Apr 20

Wrapping the community in love for the 4th year running.

Our The Think Outside the Square knitting Challenge is back on for it’s fourth year in a row. Over the years this challenge has donated 224 blankets that have been lovingly made by our local and wider community.

The challenge requires our volunteers to knit or crochet 20x20cm squares which are then sewn together to make beautiful warm blankets for the homeless, domestic violence survivors and those in need. At this time of year squares and finished blankets come flooding in from all over the country.

Katie Goldspink who used to be a Penrith resident moved to the Northern Territory four years ago as her husband is a serviceman. She had heard about the challenge and loved the idea. Each year saw more and more squares and now completed blankets donated by Katie who currently lives in Brisbane. “I really enjoy crocheting for your challenge,” commented Katie “and just knowing that the blankets are going to the homeless makes me so happy.”

This sentiment is echoed throughout the volunteers – some who knit and crochet and others who help sew the blankets together. Kim Pick and her elderly mother Evelyn Collins have supported the challenge over the years resulting in about 40 blankets collectively. “The Challenge keeps mum occupied and she loves that the blankets are going to a person in need,” commented Kim.

The blankets are donated to organisations such as Westcare, Mama Lana’s, Penrith Community Kitchen and The Haven who distribute them to those most in need.

“This little idea that I had four years ago has turned into an incredible community movement,” said our CEO Debbie O’Connor. “The great result is that those most in need get to wrap themselves in a blanket made with love and kindness. Every year our goal increases, and this year we are aiming for 100 blankets donated!”

With so many people self-isolating during Covid-19 it is the hope that we will reach their lofty goal this year. Squares can be dropped off or ready packed bags of squares that need to be sewn together can be picked up at our contactless set up point at Unit 6, 51 York Road, Jamisontown.


For more info and FAQ’s head to http://www.thecreativefringe.com.au