4 May 15

The Five People

You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with

If you have done any sort of coaching or read a self improvement book, you may have heard the saying “You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with”.  We thought we would get photographer and The Westies founder Katrina James to profile five of our regulars at The Creative Fringe. This would give you an idea of the sort of people you would be surrounded by, if you too co-worked out of The Creative Fringe space.

Karen Klein coworker and nutritionist at The Creative Fringe Penrith

Karen Klein – Nutritionist

I like to show people that losing weight and getting healthy doesn’t have to be a dark heavy cloud, it can be fun. It can be light and enjoyable. I love seeing people change their thinking when they are shown how to understand their body and health. My joy is to see their joy come back.

Greg Gavin handyman at The Creative Fringe, coworking Penrith

Greg Gavin – Handy man/ Jack of all trades/ Part time comedian

I love working in different places and helping people, mostly I don’t know what I am doing so it’s an opportunity to play around and tinker and learn something new. It’s nice when you finish doing something and it works.

Katrina James Photographer and The Westies website coworker at The Creative Fringe Penrith

Katrina James – Photographer / Head Westie

Being a photographer I love stories and people, so I am always asking people about themselves. I love doing things. I don’t wait around for approval. I just do it and I like to encourage others to do the same. I believe in making the best with what you have, where you are.

Clare Lavender from White River Design and Coaching-I-Am Penrith

Clare Lavender – Office Manager / Life Coach

My role seems to always evolve I am the office manager for White River Design and I provide support for The Creative Fringe. I am also a life coach, which means the people tend to gravitate to me if they have an issue. I offer a calmness and approachability. As well as creativity and resourcefulness to come up with solutions, I don’t really ever panic.

Debbie O'Connor entrepreneur White River Design, The Creative Fringe Penrith

Debbie O’Connor – Designer/ Business Owner / Entrepreneur

I am a creative director so everything I do is about ideas and innovation. I love to see new ideas come to fruition and I love supporting people with their ideas. I run at a high frequency with lots of energy. I like to motivate and get people excited about things.

If you are working alone or the people around you are not inspiring and motivating you, then perhaps it’s time for you to join our fantastic community of co-workers at The Creative Fringe in Penrith. We are all about celebrating our difference, connecting and collaborating. After all, you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with!

Blog photographed and written by co-worker, photographer and founder of The Westies, Katrina James.