Our permanent residents collaborate in our shared office space.

The Creative Fringe is a dynamic and inspiring co-working space that houses a syndicate of world-class creatives. We encourage you to come to The Creative Fringe and support our leading creative residents who are ready to design, develop, write and create especially for you and the benefit of your business.

Our goal? To inspire and to amaze. We are here to push the boundaries of conventional thinking as we want to deliver innovative and creative solutions for our clients.

Our shared office space is designed to allow our residents the opportunity to work together and collaborate on projects for the greater good of their clients. As a business you now have access to some of Sydney’s leading creatives – all under one roof.

TCF is currently looking for forward thinking, creative and innovative entrepreneurs to join our team of residents. Residents are different to our community hiring a hot desk as they are required to commit to a years lease which will result in amazing benefits such as:

  • Being able to develop strong and trusting relationships with other residents
  • This leads to collaborating and leveraging off each other’s services
  • The prestige of being part of The Creative Fringe
  • A permanent address that you can put on your business cards and website (not a home or PO Box)
  • A company profile page on our website
  • Being able to submit articles for our fortnightly blog
  • Showcased on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages
  • Recommended for opportunities such as media exposure and promotions
  • The use of our training room free of charge once a quarter
  • Talk n tea Tuesday
  • Regular activity and Fringe Benefit updates

If you are wanting to grow your business and become part of our dynamic community, please email us and we will send out further information.


The Creative Fringe Local


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