7 Apr 20

It’s just about time to “Think outside the square” in 2020.

Round 1 of our 2020 “Think Outside the Square” knitting challenge is just around the corner. If you’re keen to make a head start we are taking donations of wool, squares and blankets now.

What is the “Think Outside the Square” knitting challenge. 

Our ‘Think outside the square’ knitting challenge is heading into it’s 4th year. In 2016 our CEO Debbie O’Connor sat at home one cold winter’s evening and thought about those less fortunate than herself, all snuggled up in the warmth of her home – it was then that the idea of this challenge was born. The idea was to challenge our local community to simply knit a square, 20cm x 20cm that would then be sewn together to create a blanket. These blankets would then be distributed via our local charities to those in need. Little did she know at that moment how hugely everyone would support this cause.

Each year we raised our BHAG ( big hairy audacious goal ) pushing the numbers higher and higher, and each year we were amazed at the incredible support we were given by people from all over Australia in providing warm blankets for our neediest community members.

2019’s’ “Think Outside the Square” knitting challenge in review.

Last year’s BHAG ( big hairy audacious goal ) was to donate 89 blankets to our locals in need.

Round one saw us donate 54 blankets which were made up of 1291 squares – WOW we were more than half way to our goal!

On Thursday 8thAug 2019 we proudly donated another 39 blankets, made from 1079 squares to Westcare and the Penrith Community Kitchen…

2019 Total Tally – 93 BLANKETS – 2370 SQUARES!!

Phenomenal right?! Each year we are BLOWN away by the generosity of people from all over the country who have knitted, crocheted and sewn so many squares and blankets to make such a difference in the lives of some of our community members most in need.

Each year it just gets bigger and bigger… and 2020 will be no exception.

We honestly could not do this without the ongoing help from all of you who have participated in anyway or without the support of the local press who share our story with 1000’s of locals.

These blankets have been distributed to Mama Lana’s Community Foundation, The Haven Women’s Shelter, Penrith Community Kitchen and Westcare who are getting them to those so desperately in need.

Over the past three years we have been able to donate 224 blankets made up of 6678 squares – what an achievement! We cannot wait to raise the roof in the 2020 challenge starting soon!

2020 has defiantly been a challenging year to date for so many Aussies ( and abroad ) and it’s only April – the future is unclear, for now we can only hope that we have seen the worst of what is on offer and we can move forward in unity. If you happen to have more time on your hands than usual maybe you would like to get involved – we have squares being bundled up daily to be sewn together or alternatively you could create your own blanket or pile of squares. Any support is so greatly appreciated. See below for all the FAQ’s….


Frequently Asked Questions….

What size needles should I use?

You can use any size needles – whatever you are most comfortable with. Most volunteers have used size 5 or 6 needles.

How many stitches should I cast on?

We need the squares to be 20cm x 20cm. A ballpark number is about 45 stitches, but the number all depends on the size of your needle, and how tight you stitch.

What ply wool should I use?

We recommend 8 ply acrylic (instead of pure wool) so that it’s easy to wash.

Can I crochet instead of knit squares?

Absolutely, we have had some beautiful crocheted squares donated.

Should they be brightly coloured or more muted tones?

When choosing what coloured wool you will use, keep in mind who you are creating the squares or blankets for. Rough sleepers would prefer muted or darker tones to not stand out, whereas families who have left a violent relationship would be more uplifted by brighter, more colourful squares. 

Can I donate completed blankets?

Of course you can! If you decided to provide completed blankets we recommend 6×8 squares.


If you have any other queries you can email creative@thecreativefringe.com.au