16 Dec 14

Hot Desks: Trading Long Hours for Lifestyle

Hot Desks: Trading Long Hours for Lifestyle

Triathlon personal trainer Penrith

4 years ago a brave young woman decided to ditch her high flying corporate job as an inner city lawyer, and choose a career path that would change her life. This is the story about our hot desker, Jen Brown.

Jen swapped travelling 3 hours a day and working 60+ hours a week, to start up her personal training business.

Jen owns a business called Sparta PT. She trains anyone who is highly motivated to get fit, strong and take on great adventures. However, she specialises in training triathletes. The early morning and evening commute, squashed into a train seat with loud talking, sick and unhappy commuters, has been replaced with the fresh air of the park, running track or pool. The pressure of having to bill every 6 minutes of her working day, has been superseded by the joy of witnessing her clients achieve their dreams. Granted, she doesn’t earn the big lawyer pay packet that she used to, but that all pales in comparison to the complete lifestyle change that she has been able to create for herself. Apart from the great outdoors, Jen has made The Creative Fringe her Sparta Headquarters. She comes in almost daily, grabs a hot desk and is able to complete her programs, marketing, accounts, admin (oh the list goes on when you own your own business!)

“Long working hours and a long commute to the city each day is draining. It’s easy to feel ‘stuck’ in your job but the reality is that you do have control over your choices. Owning your own business isn’t easy but it’s certainly worthwhile!”

No longer having to battle the commute, or the distractions of working from home, Jen has been able to maximise her working day to ensure that she gets all of her tasks done. She has commented on many occasions that she feels more creative in our co-working space. She is able to bounce ideas off people or have someone to chat with over coffee (or Talk ’n Tea). Inspired and motivated, Jen has also made it her 2015 resolution to write a book! Watch this space!

“I can’t speak more highly of the hot desks at The Creative Fringe and have recommended them to every home-based business owner I know! I’ve worked from home for 3 years now and it can be a very isolating experience. But now I feel like I’m part of a community again. It’s reduced my travelling time between meetings, reduced my costs and has exponentially increased my productivity. It has been an absolute ‘game changer’ for me.”