8 Apr 20

Frequently Asked Questions for our “Think outside the square” for 2020.

Round 1 of our 2020 “Think Outside the Square” knitting challenge is just around the corner. If you’re keen to make a head start we are taking donations of wool, squares and blankets now.

Frequently Asked Questions….

What size needles should I use?

You can use any size needles – whatever you are most comfortable with. Most volunteers have used size 5 or 6 needles.

How many stitches should I cast on?

We need the squares to be 20cm x 20cm. A ballpark number is about 35 stitches, but the number all depends on the size of your needle, and how tight you stitch.

How many squares make up a blanket?

Usually we make blankets in rows of 5 x 7, so 35 squares based on 20cm x 20cm squares.

What ply wool should I use?

We recommend 8 ply acrylic (instead of pure wool) so that it’s easy to wash.

Can I crochet instead of knit squares?

Absolutely, we have had some beautiful crocheted squares donated.

Should they be brightly coloured or more muted tones?

When choosing what coloured wool you will use, keep in mind who you are creating the squares or blankets for. Rough sleepers would prefer muted or darker tones to not stand out, whereas families who have left a violent relationship would be more uplifted by brighter, more colourful squares. 

Can I donate completed blankets?

Of course you can! If you decided to provide completed blankets we recommend 6×8 squares.

When do the squares and blankets have to be handed in?

Round 1 handover is on the 1st June 2020 so all squares will need to be handed in at least 2 weeks prior to ensure enough time to get them sewn together.

Round 2 handover will be on the 31st July so the same rules apply there – 2 weeks prior.

Can I borrow needles and do you have yarn?

The answer to both of those is YES, we have oodles of donated wool/ yarn and needles for you to use, simply call or message us then pop in and pick some up.



If you have any other queries you can email creative@thecreativefringe.com.au