22 Sep 14

Commuters – Stop, Collaborate and Listen!

Don't commute, co-work in Penrith

Image courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

Did you know that according to the NRMA, one in four NSW commuters are spending more time commuting to and from work each year than they get in annual leave! On average that’s a total of 22 days spent commuting as over a third of the people surveyed, travelled up to an hour a day.

This begs the question – how long is your commute? If for example, you travelled an hour into the city each way – that’s 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week or 520 hours a year. Imagine if you could get even half of that time back. What would you do with that time? Spend it with the family? Go to the gym? Meet friends? It really does make you think.

If you commute 5 days a week and have a flexible work employer, what would they say if you asked to work from a co-working space close to home 3 days a week? I’m sure you’d have a much better chance than if you asked them if you could work from home as images of you sleeping in late, slopping around in your pyjamas and watching day time TV would be what first comes to mind!

A co-working space is different – and savvy employers are realising that it is the way of working in the future. In the case of The Creative Fringe, the space has been designed specifically to engage and encourage collaboration amongst its tenants. As a hot-desker you would be in a professional environment with other people focused on working. You have a desk, WiFi, access to meeting rooms, opportunities to network as well as enjoy the tea and coffee facilities in our breakout and dining areas.

So how do you sell co-working in place of commuting to your boss?

Here are 6 great reasons:

1. Downsize expensive office real estate

Real estate in the city is very expensive. With more staff co-working, they can downsize their expensive rent and replace it with more affordable office hire. Desks in prime real estate can be shared between 2 or 3 staff instead of one each.

2. Lower employee fatigue

By Friday, most commuters are exhausted. By utilising co-working spaces 2-3 times a week, employers can cut down employee fatigue exponentially and increase productivity.

3. Higher employee satisfaction

It is a known fact that employee satisfaction can result in staff working harder, staying with the company longer and being more productive. By offering a flexible work arrangement allowing them to work closer to home, will not only promote employee satisfaction, but it will also rub off on family dynamics therefore making the employee even more satisfied.

4. Work is what you do, not where you do it

A lot of great companies are allowing their staff to work off site, from home or co-working spaces as they realise that work is what you do, not where you do it. Some people love to work in silence, while others thrive on the hustle and bustle of people and activity around them. Savvy employers are realising this and are accommodating their staff.

5. Environmental impact

With less people commuting, there is less strain on our environment. We could see a reduction in vehicle pollution, as well as the over populating of trains and buses. For businesses that have an Environmental Policy, allowing staff to work closer to home and cutting their commute, is a great addition to this policy.

6. Additional networking opportunities

You never know who you will meet in a co-working space. It could be a potential supplier, or even a customer. By allowing staff to work outside the office also provides an opportunity for them to talk about their work and the business. This type of exposure is cheap and often very rewarding financially.

If you live in Penrith and travel into the city, working 3 days a week closer to home could give you 6 or more hours in your week back. Imagine how this could change your life? This is time where you can drop your kids at school, watch them play sport, exercise, connect with family and friends, shop, play – simply enjoy more of what life has to offer.

What are you waiting for? Pass this post onto your boss and see if together we can start to change lives!

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