18 Jan 16

Connect the Dots at The Creative Fringe with Sparta PT

Connect the Dots at The Creative Fringe with Sparta PT

In the 20 months since The Creative Fringe was launched, we’ve seen numerous connections created – new jobs have been gained, new friendships have formed, new projects have been brought to life and many businesses have grown and expanded.

These connections, and the collaboration that has grown from it, has enriched the lives of everyone who has passed through the front (wrought iron) doors here at The Creative Fringe.

In the latest instalment of our “Connect the Dots” series, we looked at the 2 degrees of separation needed to link The Creative Fringe to it’s newest employee and a Sydney Design Award.

This time it’s all about Sparta PT, a local Running and Triathlon coaching business. This story begins with Jen, the owner of Sparta PT, who began co-working at The Creative Fringe.

Find out how the connection between The Creative Fringe and Jen led to White River Design (our resident and award winning graphic design and branding studio) winning a Sydney Design Award.

Here’s how it works…


How many connections do you have to The Creative Fringe?

Find out by coming in for a visit. You never know who you might meet!