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Team Building through Music and Writing: Meet our Newest SIIP Recipient

7 Sep 15

Build Teams using Music and Writing The Creative Fringe Supporting Innovation & Ideas in Penrith (SIIP) Program is the first of its kind in Penrith. It has been designed to support people with amazing ideas and assist them in bringing their creative concepts to life. Through the use of our co-working space and with onsite mentoring […]

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8 Tips to Running a Successful Workshop

27 Jul 15

8 Tips to Running a Successful Workshop Running a workshop can be a great way to demonstrate your expertise, share your knowledge and help others develop their skills. But it can be more challenging than it seems. There are several important steps you need to take in order to set you – and your participants […]

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Goal Setting – Getting to the Heart of the Matter

29 Jun 15

Goal Setting – Getting to the Heart of the Matter  Sweet sweet desire It starts out as an inspirational thought or an idea. Then you really begin to feel in it your heart and then in your whole being. You know you desire it so much, now how do you get that which you desire…… […]

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5 tips to finding the perfect workshop venue

7 Apr 15

Attending weekend workshops can be a great way to learn new skills or up-skill without going to the trouble or expense in enrolling in a long term course. If you are looking for a place to run your workshops from this may be more difficult than it seems. I am a mosaic artist and here […]

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How Exploding Kittens blew up Kickstarter’s crowdfunding community

9 Feb 15

At the end of January we had an incredibly informative Fringe Benefit with Kaleido founder Jennifer Noorbergen. For those who attended, you would have had a sneak peek into the Exploding Kittens campaign. At about the same time, one of our hot deskers, Julie from Quiip who is a social media expert, wrote this very […]

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