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Why visitors aren’t reading your website copy

8 Sep 14

Seven essential tips to writing effective web copy One of the most common mistakes I see with web copy is not due to bad SEO or poorly-written content – it is a lack of ‘scannability’. The web provides us with information in real time, but this also means that visitors to your website are typically […]

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Why your keywords are irrelevant

6 May 14

Still using keywords in your SEO metadata? You’re wasting your time. Many business owners are skeptical about SEO, and incredibly confused about keywords. And rightly so. Keywords are a massive source of confusion, and with the constant influx of phone calls and emails from both local and international companies who promise first-place results on Google, […]

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Top 5 Online Security Tips

8 Apr 14

The fact that plays the primary role in the continued success of hackers is a lack of awareness and vigilance on the part of computer system users and website owners. People who still use “password” as their password, and those who have extremely outdated software are the ones who encourage hackers. Many people still remain […]

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Backlinks – Is any backlink a good link?

25 Mar 14

Have you fallen for the ‘quantity over quality’ trap with backlinks to your website? What is a backlink? A backlink is a link that points from another website to yours. They are known by a number of terms, including incoming links or inbound links, but backlinks can essentially be understood as a link received by […]

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