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3 tips from Mr Miyagi – Building online communities

30 Nov 15

3 tips from Mr Miyagi – Building online communities You might not think of Mr Miyagi as an expert building online communities. He is an expert in people. Community is all about people. No matter what your focus, there are always other people interested in the same thing. In business, we aim to solve a problem for those […]

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Social media lead generation for small business

20 Apr 15

Social media lead generation for small business Whilst many large commercial organisations have invested big money in social media, there are still many more who haven’t invested heavily – with time or money. Social media for business is still an emerging area, and if big business isn’t seeing the value in it, then it’s understandable […]

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How Exploding Kittens blew up Kickstarter’s crowdfunding community

9 Feb 15

At the end of January we had an incredibly informative Fringe Benefit with Kaleido founder Jennifer Noorbergen. For those who attended, you would have had a sneak peek into the Exploding Kittens campaign. At about the same time, one of our hot deskers, Julie from Quiip who is a social media expert, wrote this very […]

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5 reasons why your social media isn’t working

21 Oct 14

Are you posting madly on social media but not getting results? This could be why. Social media is accessible and cost-effective but, when used as a marketing platform, it’s also deceptively complex. If you are banging your head against the computer screen wondering why your social media efforts aren’t being rewarded, this could be why. […]

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Top 5 Marketing Tips To Run a Successful Event

11 Aug 14

Hello my name is Michael and I am the founder of the small business, Lost & Found which is an events and marketing consulting business based out of Western Sydney. We are the newest addition of The Creative Fringe community and have been given the honour of posting on this fantastic blog! So we thought our […]

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