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5 Reasons You Should Attend a Workshop

19 Oct 15

5 Reasons You Should Attend a Workshop You’ve probably seen a workshop advertised from time to time and thought to yourself – “I’d love to do that. But I’m so busy at the moment, I’ll wait until things quieten down“. And life is busy. You’ve got so many competing demands on your time; it’s hard […]

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I’m a Westie

23 Feb 15

I am a Westie. Up until about three months ago I would never have been able to say this. The word Westie, to me has so much negativity and shame attached to it that I never thought I would openly call myself one. Hi! My name is Katrina James and I’m an international photographer. I […]

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Residency Program Supports Innovation and Creativity

25 Jan 15

The Creative Fringe SIIP Program The Creative Fringe Supporting Innovation & Ideas in Penrith (SIIP) Program is the first of its kind in Penrith. It has been designed to support people with amazing ideas and assist them in bringing their creative concepts to life. Through the use of our co-working space and with onsite mentoring over the residency period, […]

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The top five things street photography has taught me

28 Jul 14

Street photography has taught me many things. Here are my top five life lessons… 1. Take a look at things from a different angle We can often get caught up in our own way of looking at things, believing our way is right or better. Looking at things from a different angle opens us up […]

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The Importance of Images

2 Jun 14

Would you wear your tracksuit to a business meeting? No. Having bad imagery is a bit like wearing a tracksuit to a meeting. Even if you have the best body underneath it, people are going to judge you. We are human we can’t help but make associations instantly. Photography is an often undervalued and underused part of […]

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