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3 tips from Mr Miyagi – Building online communities

30 Nov 15

3 tips from Mr Miyagi – Building online communities You might not think of Mr Miyagi as an expert building online communities. He is an expert in people. Community is all about people. No matter what your focus, there are always other people interested in the same thing. In business, we aim to solve a problem for those […]

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Business awards – your untapped tool for marketing success

24 Aug 15

Business awards – your untapped tool for marketing success With the Penrith, St Marys and Hawkesbury Local Business Awards currently in full swing, it got me thinking about why we, as business owners, seek recognition in the form of rewards. Are we just after attention, or is it something more important that helps us build […]

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Colloquial writing: Yes, you can begin a sentence with ‘And’

23 Mar 15

When it’s A-OK use colloquialisms in your writing Do a quick Google search of the term colloquial writing and you’ll see a mass of articles that all argue against ever using colloquialisms in your copy. I believe the opposite. There is, my friends, a time and a place for everything. ​ What is colloquialism? Colloquialism […]

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Co-working Cook up a Collaboration

9 Mar 15

Co-working Collaboration leads to a Cookbook Creation Local graphic design studio White River Design (WRD) and resident in our collaborative co-working space in Penrith, has just published the first 12WBT Cookbook for Michelle Bridges. And it started with a tweet. Jen Brown from Sparta PT had been working from a desk within The Creative Fringe for a […]

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5 reasons why your social media isn’t working

21 Oct 14

Are you posting madly on social media but not getting results? This could be why. Social media is accessible and cost-effective but, when used as a marketing platform, it’s also deceptively complex. If you are banging your head against the computer screen wondering why your social media efforts aren’t being rewarded, this could be why. […]

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