The Art of Opportunity

8 Feb 17

Opportunity is everywhere, especially if you’re in the right place at the right time and you surround yourself with the right people! Some of us just seem to attract opportunity while others appear to work hard to make opportunities happen for them.  One of the best ways to change your situation is to spot the opportunities around […]

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“Pet friendly office raises funds for RSPCA”

30 Aug 16

“Pet friendly office raises funds for RSPCA” Pet friendly co-working office space, The Creative Fringe joined forces with Coreen Avenue Veterinary Clinic to raise funds for an organisation near and dear to them – the RSPCA. Pet lovers from around Penrith came together to eat cake, raise funds and pat a few furry friends. “We […]

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5 Ways Your Image Can Affect Your Success

2 Mar 16

5 ways your image can affect your success We all have the ability to create impact with the way we are presented. In a world where human contact is so quick, where opportunities are to be snubbed, where we get even hungrier for success – the way we dress can influence the perception the outside […]

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Connect the Dots at The Creative Fringe with Sparta PT

18 Jan 16

Connect the Dots at The Creative Fringe with Sparta PT In the 20 months since The Creative Fringe was launched, we’ve seen numerous connections created – new jobs have been gained, new friendships have formed, new projects have been brought to life and many businesses have grown and expanded. These connections, and the collaboration that has […]

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5 Challenges to Running a Home-based Business (you may not realise)

14 Dec 15

The downsides to running a home-based business (you may not realise) To anyone in the corporate world, the idea of running a home-based business might sound like the perfect existence. No commute. No congested, germ-ridden trains or buses. Being able to work when you want, wear what you want and do whatever you want during […]

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