The Creative Fringe Supporting Innovation & Ideas in Penrith (SIIP) Program

Applications for the Program are now open. If you would like to be considered for our next program please Download the application here.

The Creative Fringe SIIP Program stands for Supporting Innovation & Ideas in Penrith and is designed to support people with innovative ideas, and assist them in bringing their creative concepts to life. Through the use of our co-working space and with onsite mentoring over the residency period, our aim is to see creative ideas come to fruition.

How the program works:

Residents of Penrith, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury will be able to apply. You will need to be an Australian resident or citizen. The successful applicant will receive 3 months of hot-desk hire at our co-working space along with a business mentor.

This will give the resident:

  • a base from which to work, as well as allow them to connect and collaborate with other co-workers
  • a mentor for the duration of their residency
  • A venue in which to showcase the project at the finale of the program

Download the application here. This will include information about your project, timelines, funding and what will be required to get their project fullfilled. If funding is required, the applicant will need to demonstrate how they will access these funds. An idea of their showcase will also need to be included.

Criteria in the application that will be looked at:

  • Is the project realistic?
  • Will the project be achieved within the 3 month residency program time?
  • Has the project got longevity?
  • What is the commercial aspect and projections of the project?

Finalist applicants will be required to come in for an interview, and the winning submission will be chosen by a panel of judges.

The successful applicant will be required to:

  • complete their project within the allocated 3 month period
  • spend a minimum of 4 days a week at The Creative Fringe
  • set the agenda for each mentoring meeting
  • final showcase of their innovation
  • fund the showcase/launch event for their project
  • become a mentor for their successor
  • become an ambassador for The Creative Fringe and what it stands for
  • promote The Creative Fringe at networking functions
  • promote The Creative Fringe on social media

The 3 month residency package is valued at $5115.00

The Creative Fringe SIIP Program is our way of investing in the future of innovative ideas in Penrith. Professionals will be investing their time in mentoring candidates, so we take this program very seriously. If you do not think you can commit to this program 100%, then this program isn’t for you. We want go-getters, entrepreneurs who take charge and ownership for what they are creating. We are not interested in excuses, victims of circumstance or bludgers.


  • If you are one of the latter, we reserve the right to terminate your residency.
  • If you cause conflict with others at The Creative Fringe, we reserve the right to terminate your residency.
  • If you are negative and speak of the program or The Creative Fringe in a negative light, we reserve the right to terminate your residency.
  • If you do not complete your project within the allocated 3 months, you will be required to stay on at The Creative Fringe (at your own expense) to complete what you have set out to achieve.
  • As the creator of your concept and idea you will own all rights to your project, unless you obtain funding, or an agreement for contra services is struck and an agreement over ownership is settled. This will be a legal agreement which will be funded by the resident.