9 Aug 19

A community that warms the hearts of locals in need

A community that warms the hearts of locals in need

For the third year running, The Creative Fringe has been collecting knitted squares for our “Think Outside the Square” knitting challenge.

Members of the community were requested to knit a 20cm x 20cm squares that were then turned into amazing, knitted blankets. These blankets would then distributed to some of Penrith’s most disadvantaged locals, bringing warmth and comfort during our cooler months.







Over 2017 and 2018 we donated a whopping 131 blankets, made up of 4,308 squares that had been knitted or crocheted and donated from all over the country. These blankets where donated to Mama Lana’s Community Foundation, The Haven Women’s Shelter, Penrith Community Kitchen and Westcare.

This year we wanted to raise the bar! Our goal was to donate 81 completed blankets to local charities before the end of winter.

Without the help of our community members we would not be able to make such a difference in people’s lives, something everyone involved should be incredibly proud of.

Why 81? This would bring the total of blankets donated to 220. This means a significate number of Penrith’s rough sleepers, domestic violence survivors, mental health sufferers, elderly and disadvantaged community members would soon be wrapped in love during the bitter winter months.

Yesterday ( Thursday 8thAugust 2019 ) we invited representatives of Westcare and Penrith Community Kitchen to the Fringe – Penrith’s most awarded co-working space to proudly donate 93 blankets which would then be distributed to their new owners, their forever homes.

Taking the tally up to an impressive 224 blankets made up of 6678 squares!

The generosity of the community has been overwhelming, we have received donations from not just the local Penrith area but all over the country, some coming as far as Darwin.

The “Think Outside the Square” knitting challenge is one that will come back next year, to get involved keep on knitting those squares – 20cm x 20cm and get ready for winter 2020.

For all the info on this community challenge head to:

 www.thecreativefringe.com.au/events or call 1300 722 896.