31 Jan 18

Train yourself to Co-work

Train yourself to co-work during the train delays.

We all know about the recent disruptions to our rail network over the past few weeks, affecting thousands of Western Sydney siders trying to get to work.

Penrith’s most unique and innovative co-working venue, The Creative Fringe is offering commuters a place to be productive whilst being surrounded by like-minded people and avoiding the chaos.

We are offering a Pay What you Want incentive to all commuters to ensure their working days’ aren’t wasted waiting on platforms for cancelled or late train services. This will give them an excellent opportunity to experience for themselves the benefits of co-working. This essentially frees up more of their spare time to do the things they love as opposed to commuting.

Commuters will be able to head into The Creative Fringe, hire a desk, have access to NBN Wi-Fi, use the meeting rooms, breakout areas, drink free tea and coffee, not to mention connecting and collaborating with others in the space, all for a Pay What you Want price. No strings, no gimmicks.

Perhaps co-working is something our new community members can take back to their employers to potentially spend a day or two a week working a little closer to home.

I spent half of my working life commuting and on the road, commented long term co-worker Stewart Cook, since working from The Creative Fringe my productivity has increased and I have a better work-life balance.

Pay What You Want will be available until the end of February 2018 giving businesses along with commuters wanting to take advantage of co-working an opportunity to experience the benefits of working closer to home.

“The Creative Fringe is more than a co-working space. It’s a safe place for employees and business owners to come and be inspired, where they can connect with our community and grow”, said founder and CEO Debbie O’Connor. “We have watched great friendships and lucrative collaborations come out of our space – it’s what naturally happens when you bring progressive, like-minded people together.”

Spots are limited so book your desk today!