Need a surveyor? We’ve got one here at The Fringe!

Christian Shepherd is one of our newest residents to move his business, Shepherd Surveys into one of our private offices here at The Creative Fringe.

Christian has been surveying for almost 15 years, inclusive of a lot of types and aspects, mainly construction and cadastral (private). At the moment he mainly carries out cadastral detailed surveys for any type of development you would be required to go through council for. These surveys accurately map the existing land features, which will be used for design & development purposes. Christian calls these detailed surveys ‘artistic’ survey because it’s his interpretation of what is on site and blends accurate survey mapping with good drafting technique to produce a plan that can be read and understood by all parties involved. The process is a lot like a child’s dot-to-dot drawing where he has to identify what dots to locate in the field and then be able to join them all together in the office to represent what is onsite. Christian also drafts all of his own surveys.

With Christian’s time working in construction he has had the opportunity to work on some exiting projects including:


  • North West Growth Centre, Rouse Hill, NSW – Abi Group
  • South West Rail, Leppington, NSW – John Holland
  • Iron Cove Bridge Duplication, Roselle, NSW – Baulderstone
  • Southern Sydney Freight Line, Warwick Farm, NSW – REED
  • Antiene to Muswellbrook Duplication, Muswellbrook, NSW – BMD
  • Special Operations Working Accommodation Holsworthy Barracks, Holsworthy, NSW – John Holland
  • Great Western Highway Upgrade, Lawson, NSW – Abi Group
  • Princess Highway Upgrade, Gerringong, NSW – Fulton Hogan
  • Burrows Road Tunnel Bore, Alexandria, NSW – Abergeldie
  • Sydney Telstra 500 Grid Setout, Homebush, NSW – Abergeldie

And no; even though a lot of people come up to him on the street thinking he is taking photos of them he is not, (although he has that capability onboard the equipment). Christian is essentially using Electronic Distance Measurement or class 3 EDM laser to accurately measure angles and distance. He calls the instrument that sits ontop of the tripod a Jigga (shortened surveyor slang for thing-a-ma-jig). Easier to say than its technical name: robotic total station theodolite, but thinks of it as a really expensive tape measure.