Touch Cloud Global

Touch Cloud Global design, build and operate premier aerial adventure facilities.

They represent world best practice for safely and operations. They look exciting and inviting.

While TCg take great pride in the structure we create, the highlight of their work is watching people both young and old rediscover their environment, their daring and their boldness. Making people feel good about themselves is really what they do.

As a comprehensive consultancy TCg is able to provide a fully customised response to our client’s needs. The degree of TCg engagement can range from concept development, design detail, fabrication, installation, project management, certification to decommissioning.

The combination of TCg and its principal collaborators (totalling 100+yrs of collective experience) creates a highly specialised consultancy team that through natural synergies creates a team of unequalled capacity to activate iconic skyscapes.

TCg forms an architectural entity capable of delivering contemporary unique world class public accessible sustainable infrastructure that provides opportunity for at-height experiences that promote personal and social vigour, reverence and growth.

Bold and highly informed decisions coupled with extensive global contacts and an innovative approach permits our dynamic coupling with strategic partners to establish and maintain a position at the leading edge of this highly specialised sector.

TCg is uniquely positioned to, where required, provide a fully integrated response to our clients’ needs – drawing, when required, from a nurtured global network of multi-disciplinary sector specialists.

TCg and industry partners have assisted both the public and private sector with identifying best fit for site, community, market, story, custodian, regulator, operator and shareholder through engagement of local knowledge, creative people, successful partners and trusted industry leaders.


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 About Kent…

Kent for over 15 years has been continuously setting new industry benchmarks and expectations for infrastructure, equipment, the patron experience and industry risk management.

With the experience of constant industry specific commissions (now spanning over 8 countries) and a comprehensive knowledge of the latest product, Kent’s capacity to fully and accurately realise infrastructure and operation possibilities is inspiring and constantly evolving.


Kent Marchant TouchCloud