Plastic Fantastic Challenge 2019 is where we recycle plastic bags into mats for the homeless.

This will be an all year round, ongoing challenge with the first lot of mats being donated at the beginning of winter.

ROUND ONE – 2018!

Last year we had a very impressive result with a total of 11 plastic (PLARN) mats being donated to Mana Lana’s Community Foundation.

That’s a whopping 8000 less plastic bags ending up as landfill or in our waterways or even just clogging up the space under your sink, so from an environmental aspect that is incredible, not to mention that’s 11 less local people sleeping on the cold concrete or park bench this winter.

Keep your donations of plarn and mats coming in and we will happily pass these onto Mama Lanas throughout the year.

More about this Community Challenge.

Alongside our Think Outside the Square Knitting Challenge, we are doing something a little different. For those with a passion for our environment or who just want to do something awesome, we are going to create waterproof, portable mats from plastic bags for our homeless community to sleep on.

Here is a little video to give you some inspiration.

How can you help?
– Don’t throw your plastic bags out! Collect them and turn them into¬†PLARN (plastic yarn) for our crocheters to use. We have a ‘How To’ video below.
Р Join in and crochet a mat yourself.

Frequently asked questions

How many plastic bags make up a mat?

You will need about 700 bags to make one mat! So we need plarners to help provide plarn to our hard working crocheters.

Can I use any plastic bags

No you can’t. Bags that fruit comes in is too thin, and Target bags are biodegradable. The most common bags are from Woolies and Coles and any that are of a similar thickness are the easiest to crochet with.

How thick should the plarn be?

Strips of plarn from Coles and Woolies style bags should be cut to 10cm (3 inches thick). If you are using thicker plastic from bags from places such as Rebel, Athletes Foot and City Beach, then the plarn needs to be 3cm wide (1 inch thick). This makes the thicker plarn easier to crochet.

What size crochet hook should I use?

We recommend no smaller than size 10. The bigger the hook the quicker you’ll get your mat finished.

How big should the mat be?

It should be yoga mat size of 1m wide and 2m long. Keep in mind that it would need to fit a grown man.

What stitch should I use?

You may use any stitch you want. This is not about perfection. They don’t have to look the same nor to they have to be a work of art, so don’t be hard on yourself.

When do we have to have them completed by?

We would like all mats in by 31 May so that we can donate them on 1 June – ready for winter.

If you have any further questions please give us a call on 1300 722 896.

To get started we have created a video to help you prepare your plastic bags and turn them into PLARN.

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