18 Apr 18

Mother and Daugher make Plastic Fantastic

Mother and Daughter make Plastic Fantastic.

Jessica Melville is a Year 5 student at Trinity Primary School in Kemp’s Creek.

She noticed her mother Melissa cutting up plastic bags and turning them into plarn (plastic yarn).

She curiously asked her what she was doing. Melissa explained to her that she was participating in the Plastic Fantastic Challenge being run at The Creative Fringe and that the bags were going to be made into sleeping mats for the homeless. When Jessica heard that it takes on average 700 plastic bags to make a sleeping mat, she took it upon herself to do something. She approaches her school and even though she is a naturally shy girl, she stood up in front of the school and requested that friends and students bring their discarded plastic bags.

Since then she was swamped with plastic bags by students who all wanted to do a good thing for the environment and make a homeless person’s life that little bit more comfortable. She brought them all home where her dedicated mother Melissa, spent every spare moment she had cutting and connecting pieces of plastic bags to make up plarn. Their goal? To create enough plarn to make a mat. When this was achieved they humbly delivered them to The Creative Fringe – a box full of plarn for our volunteer crocheters to turn into sleeping mats.

But this is not the end. Melissa informs us that she still has a lounge room full of plastic bags that she will continue to turn into plarn. Jessica has now had to stand up in front of the school again, this time to thank them all for their support and to ask them to stop bringing her bags!

Once the plastic bag mats have been made The Creative Fringe will donate them to Mama Lana’s Community Foundation who will, in turn, give them to their rough sleeping patrons.

This winter is set to be a particularly cold one, so the more mats that can be donated the better. If you would like to participate in this challenge by making plarn or crocheting a mat, please head to www.thecreativefringe.com.au/events for more information.