Think Outside the Square Knitting Challenge 2018

This year we are at it again – the same rules apply – simply knit 20cm x 20cm squares to be made into blankets for both the survivors of domestic violence and also our homeless community. Whether you can donate a square or two or an entire blanket, we greatly appreciate your support.

All knitted blankets will be donated to either Mama Lana’s Community Foundation, The Haven Women’s Shelter.

Then to Penrith Community Kitchen and Westcare

Think Outside the Square 2018 – Tally

This latest round of our challenge has seen us smash our initial goal of 50 blankets.. Our updated tally is….

36 blankets

1035 squares

7 crocheted completed blankets

So in total that’s 76 blankets for our community members

made up of 2467 squares and 29 completed blankets

Think Outside the Square 2018 – The First Handover 7th June 2018.

This year started a little slow but right at the end of the challenge it all came together beautifully, we were able to spread the love and warmth between the two charities this year which was extra special.

The final tally was….. ( and yes I counted every single square )

1431 Squares, 39 Blankets ( 22 of which were completely knitted or crocheted blankets ), 15 Beanies.

20 warm and cozy blankets went to Mama Lanas along with the 11 PLARN mats that were also so generously donated

19 beautiful colourful blankets went The Haven Women’s Shelter along with handmade 15 Beanies. There were a combination of kids and adult sized blankets to comfort our survivors of Domestic Violence, these blankets will go with the families when the are ready to leave the shelter and be independent and strong.

It is so wonderful to see how grateful our Charities representatives are at being given these items that have been made from all walk of life from all over Australia….

This is something that will continue so keep your knitting needles going. We are accepting donations any time and will send them to the relevant charities throughout the year.

Thank you to all of you who have been involved in this round of this year’s challenges, without you none of this could be possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size needles should I use?

You can use any size needles – whatever you are most comfortable with. Most volunteers have used size 5 or 6 needles.

How many stitches should I cast on?

We need the squares to be 20cm x 20cm. A ballpark number is about 45 stitches, but the number all depends on the size of your needle, and how tight you stitch

What ply wool should I use?

We recommend 8 ply acrylic (instead of pure wool) so that it’s easy to wash.

Can I crochet instead of knit squares?

Absolutely, we have had some beautiful crocheted squares donated.

Should they be brightly coloured or more muted tones?

When choosing what coloured wool you will use, keep in mind who you are creating the squares or blankets for. Rough sleepers would prefer muted or darker tones to not stand out, whereas families who have left a violent relationship would be more uplifted by brighter, more colourful squares.

Can I donate completed blankets?

Of course you can! If you decided to provide completed blankets we recommend 6×8 squares.

When do the squares or blankets need to be in by?

Squares due: before 1 May 2018

Completed blankets due: 30 May 2018 – This will give us time to sew the squares together.

Final blankets donated: 7 June 2018

This will be an ongoing challenge so if you want to get a head start on next years squares now then go for it, feel free to pop them in throughout the year.

We encourage you to get knitting as our goal is to donate 60 blankets this year!

If you are interested in something a little different, perhaps you’d like to participate in our Plastic Fantastic Challenge where we recycle plastic bags into crocheted mats for the homeless.