Want to spend the day playing and creating using yarn and fabric?

Have a huge beloved stash at home you have no idea what to do with?

Then I suggest you book your ‘adult play date’ with Sky from Sky Carter Colour.  You get to complete several craft projects that are unique to her art practice (yes, her crafty studio secrets are revealed!).

Make an OTT Pom Bomb, some Arty Crafty Rope that can be coiled into a basket or a ‘Let them Eat Cake’ pin cushion or a love rock (what even is a love rock?).

Sky will also throw in some other fun projects. Everyone leaves with several precious handmade objects and their mind blown open with new crafty upcycling opportunities.

Everything provided. Light Refreshments included.

#crafteryay #crafternoon


Sky Carter Bio

Sky Carter is a self-taught Sydney based fibre and textile artist, teacher and designer.

In her practice she pacifies her primal instincts to create and nurture life through the making of intensely textural and soft works that can be caressed and held throughout the creative process.

Influenced and obsessed with childhood experiences Sky accesses a deeply intense internal world when ‘making’.

She also allows external influences of current cultural, social; design and political movements impact her creatively.

A weaver, Sky regularly teaches weaving workshops and has designed a range of weaving looms, weaving tools and DIY kits.

She also has a popular YouTube channel where she passes on her weaving knowledge to a global audience.

Sky has exhibited her work locally and internationally. @skycartercolour