You’ve learned the basics of Modern Calligraphy but now find yourself saying…

“I want to learn more!”, “What’s the next step to improving?”, “I’m enjoying this I want to continue!”
This workshop is for those who are serious about taking their calligraphy journey to the next level. Or perhaps you just want to spend some time in a mindfulness environment improving your calligraphy skills

In this intermediate workshop, you will:

Learn the next stage of Modern Calligraphy lettering
Learn to use and play with calligraphy tools and supplies
Be given 1:1 personalised coaching by Kim so we can work on exactly where you can improve
Have the opportunity to ask questions and receive constructive feedback
Work on some mini projects
Come and spend a few fun relaxing hours, furthering your Calligraphy skill all the while enjoying a little escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
What you’ll learn:
– Formation of Words
– Developing Your Style
– Script Lettering
– Basic Flourishing
– Calligraphy Tool/Supplies Tool & Play
– Using Calligraphy For Your Events

What you get:

– 3 hrs Intermediate Calligraphy & How to use Tool/Supplies Lesson
– Intermediate Calligraphy Workbook
– 1 pan of Finetec Metallic Watercolour
– 1 Intermediate Nib (Hunt 101)

What will be provided:

– Placecards, Envelope & Speciality Paper for your mini project
– Plenty of Practice Paper & Sumi Ink to use in class
– Tools & Supplies to Learn & Play within the class (Using/Mixing different types of inks & mediums, Luis Creation SOAP Ink Mixer, a variety of Penholders & Nibs + much more)

What to bring:

– Your (favourite nibs)
– Notebook (optional)
– Any other tools/supplies/materials you want to use (optional)
Includes refreshments and sweet nibblies


A self-taught Calligrapher Kim Tran-Flores is a tea drinking, floral and minimalism musing ambivert with a love (more like an obsession) for all things related to the beautiful & mindfulness arts of calligraphy & hand lettering.Her Sydney-based business, Kimlligraphy est 2016, has hosted a variety of Mindfulness workshop that combined Modern Calligraphy & Tea Meditation and provided a variety of Calligraphy services to various businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.