Applying make-up is a multi faceted skill that let’s be honest, we kind of just pick up along the way. From your first lip gloss your Aunt gifted to you, to your now (slightly more expensive) favourite shade of MAC red lipstick, it’s an ever expanding and rather exciting makeup collection. But do you really know how to use them???

There is no single right way to apply make-up. It all comes down to the individual’s colouring, shape and features that determine how we can best recommend and implement products.

In this workshop, Amanda Wyllie (Former owner of Insignia Hair and Day Spa / Professional Make-up Artist) will be teaching you the best ways, colours and products to use for your personal features and benefit.

First things first… to achieve a flawless finish on your makeup, you have to take the proper steps in preparation! Amanda will begin by explaining how to look after your skin and prepare your face to be able to apply your makeup with a flawless look and allowing your makeup to last longer. Amanda will then show us how to apply your makeup giving you a ‘natural day’ look for everyday life, and then moving into colours and slightly heavier makeup that you would wear say to the races.

Bring along your own make-up (even those you have no idea how to use!) and Amanda will give you guidance on what to use and how best to apply it to emphasis and express your own special features. As well as a PORTABLE MIRROR on a stand to see what you’re doing!

Here is a list of the basics that you will need for this workshop:

  • Foundation that matches your skin tone
  • A small eye shadow palette with natural tones and preferably 4 different shades from light to darker
  • Eyeliner- preferably pencil eyeliner for beginners
  • Blush
  • Mascara
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick
  • Makeup brushes

About Amanda…..

Amanda has had over 27 years experience in the hair & beauty industry and has had some amazing opportunities and experiences come her way during her career. From traveling to London to study with Vidal Sassoon, doing makeup backstage at Sydney’s Mercedes Benz fashion week in 2014, having her work featured in Cosmopolitan Bride magazine, working back stage at New York Fashion week twice in 2015 & 17, touring with Keune doing various education nights and presentations show casing their new hair colours. Winning Hairdressers of the year 3 times and last year winning Business Person of the year 2018.

Amanda has also hosted other workshops here at The Creative Fringe for braiding and other makeup courses, we are looking forward to having her back again this time. Amanda is extremely passionate and loves to help make people feel and look beautiful.

Amanda will be hosting follow up workshops directly after this one including Intermediate makeup, Advanced Makeup including contouring and a ‘how to style’ your own hair workshop. Dont miss out…..

Amanda 2015