In this workshop, Alena from Moonlight Creation will teach you the key skills you need to be confident in pursing your passion in Hand Lettering. This course is for beginners, but anyone is welcome.

The course will begin with the warm up drills you need to practice before any lettering project. These drills introduce you to the pressures and strokes of the brush pen.

After the warm up round is over, we will move onto the alphabet – both upper and lowercase letter. Each letter will be deconstructed into strokes to help you understand how the letter is formed.

You will leave the workshop with confidence, key skills of lettering & your own brush pens and worksheet!

What is included:

  •  3 Hours learning/practice of the brush lettering fundamentals
  • 10 pack of Artline Brush Stix Markers
  •  Workbook with the workshop’s content
 A4 Dotted Rhodia Notepad
  •  Pencil for notetaking
  •  Paper to practice on
  •  Refreshments and chocolate coated strawberries to keep the energies up!
  •  Personalised paperback to take all the goodies back home

In this fun workshop, learn the careful and calculated skill of brush lettering, and learn how to perfectly wield the pressure of a brush pen, to form artistic words, under the detailed guidance of Alena from ‘Moonlight Creation’.

You’ll cover lower and upper case letters, and deconstruct letters into individual strokes to master them. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, your words and calligraphy will flow naturally and expertly.

 By the end of the class, you will be confident to write in an artistic way.

Apply your skills whenever and wherever – personalise your next greeting card, or just doodle more artistically!

Group sizes are kept small so that you’ll get enough individual attention and feedback to ensure that you really get the most out of the session.

You’ll also receive a pack (yours to keep) with materials (brush pens and worksheet) to continue your brush lettering adventures.


About Alena…

Alena is a Sydney-based graphic designer with a degree in visual communication from University of Western Sydney.

Growing up in Russia, Alena was taught cursive writing by her mother, often being told to tear out the pages if the handwriting wasn’t neat. Alena thanks her mother and praises her to anyone who asks how she learn to write neat. Without her mother’s training and guidance she wouldn’t be where she is today and for this, she is forever thankful.

Years later, at university Alena studied Typography as part of her degree, bringing her back to the love of everything hands-on, and prompting her to learn more about type and lettering. During the last year of University, Moonlight Creation was born.

The love for stationery and everything handmade came from her childhood:

“As a child, the look on my parent’s or even grandparent’s faces when I gave them a handmade card was so much more precious to me, than the look they had when I gave them a card from the shop.” – Alena says, which is the thought that led her to continue to create handmade stationery. “I really don’t want people to forget how precious handmade things are in this digital era.”

For Alena, design isn’t just digital, it comes from internal creativity, a good pen, and a blank sheet of paper. With these tools, the opportunities are endless and it allows Alena to create countless designs to suit her client’s needs.

Alena lives and breathes everything stationery. While most women buy shoes and handbags, you will find her in stationery store (Kikki K to be specific), with a shopping basket brimming with notebooks, pens, and other writing equipment. It’s an obsession, but one that she’s not ashamed of.