3 May 18

Joining the Dots at The Creative Fringe with Jen

Joining the Dots at The Creative Fringe with Jen

We often talk about the collaborations that our co-workers make here at The Creative Fringe but it’s not always business connections that come together.

Take Jen for instance…

Jen has been following our FB page for ages, just looking from a distance at all of the different things that go on here.

One day she saw a post advertising our Loft Office Space for Lease. It was then that Jen thought of Ruth.

Ruth is Jen’s daughter who works with the Motor Neuron Assoc of NSW.

Ruth and her team came in to see the office, loved the space and have now become permanent residents here in our co-working space…. But it doesn’t end there.Jen and Loret at the Plastic Fantastic Challenge Workshop

Since January we have been running our Plastic Fantastic Challenge to recycle used grocery bags and turn them into sleeping mats for our homeless community. Jen has inspired her friend Loret to join in the challenge and the two ladies have been busy crocheting plastic ever since they attended a workshop in early March 2018. Jen has also put signs up at work in the lunch area with balls of wool and knitting needles to encourage her colleagues to get on board with the Think Outside the Square Challenge.

Ruth has been busily knitting squares for the Think Outside the Square Challenge where we are asking the community to create 20cm x 20cm squares to turn into warm blankets…. and of course, her colleague Lauren is now helping sew the squares together into completed blankets. What a team effort!

Jen has already created two sleeping mat which requires 700 plastic bags each and is currently working on a blanket.

All of these amazing creations will soon be donated to Mana Lana’s Community Foundation to be distributed to our homeless community and those in need. Without these connections there wouldn’t be as many heartfelt donations.

These few ladies really encompass the core of what we believe in here at The Creative Fringe. We are building a community of people who in some way or another can connect, inspire and conquer. The sky really is the limit.

If you would like to participate in the Plastic Fantastic Challenge or The Think Outside the Square Challenge, please click on the link and come and join us for a very good cause.





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