18 Jun 18

Community huddles together to bring warmth and comfort.

Community huddles together to bring warmth and comfort.

After the success of last year’s “Think Outside the Square” knitting challenge, there was no doubt we would do it again this year, only this time we wanted to raise the bar a bit. We would run 2 Community Challenges that went hand in hand to help our local’s in need.

The “Plastic Fantastic” challenge came from a suggestion we were given at one of last year’s knitting bee’s for our “Think Outside the Square” challenge. It was there that we learnt about PLARN (Plastic Yarn), which recycles used grocery bags and turns them into sleeping mats for the homeless. Providing a waterproof, soft surface to sleep on which is easy to carry.

The Challenges were set – the workshops happened and the donations started coming in, slowly at first but when momentum started, our goal didn’t seem so far away.

At the beginning of June, round 1 of the challenges ended and it was time to sort all of the donations and hand them over to Mama Lana’s Community Foundation and The Haven Women’s Shelter.

A total of 39 blankets which were created from 1431 squares and 22 completed rugs, 15 beanies and 11 PLARN mats and were divvied up between the 2 community foundations and are now in the hands of some of our neediest community members.

Our aim was to provide warmth and comfort and these blankets and mats that were made with love from people all over the country did exactly that.

These 2 challenges will be ongoing with different donation dates set throughout the year, so if you want to get involved head to www.thecreativefringe.com.au/eventsfor all you need to know, and really make a difference in someone less fortunate’s life.