14 Jul 14

Co-working and collaborating

Co-working, shared space, hot desks – it doesn’t really matter what you call it, but it’s taking the world by storm as the new trend to work and collaborate. So what exactly is the concept? Well, to put it simply, desks within a communal office space are made available to hire.


But why, and who would use them? Proven to be very popular with startups, commuters, consultants, freelancers or single business operators, co-working spaces are the perfect solution to so many challenges.

Here are 12 benefits to co-working:

1. No set up costs

Having to fund a fit out for a new office space can be costly and prohibitive. A co-working space already has desks, chairs and other facilities such as meeting rooms, break-out areas, Wi-Fi, conferencing and tea and coffee.

2. No bond

There is no bond requirement, so you can simply arrive and start to use the co-working facilities.

3. No commitment/long term lease

Often in co-working spaces such as The Creative Fringe, desks can be hired for a day, a week or a month. You are not locked into signing long term contracts and committing your business to a new space if you’re unsure of the future.

4. Great networking opportunities

Being in a space where other link minded business people come to work, naturally leads to networking and the opportunity to share what each other does and how you can assist them or someone that they know.

5. Leverage off other businesses in the space

In a co-working space there are unlimited opportunities for businesses to collaborate and leverage off each other’s expertise and knowledge. Working together for the greater good of the client becomes more accessible and easy to achieve.

6. Combat isolation

Working from home on your own can be very lonely. You can only spend so many hours in a cafe before you feel the unwelcome glances being cast your way. By coming into a shared office environment, you get to be around people who you can bounce ideas off or simply have a coffee with when you take a break.

7. Project a professional image

Working from home or out of a coffee shop can often project the wrong image, and no matter how many people are doing it, sometimes just by having a professional space in which to work from, can make all the difference. Smart hubs and co-working spaces usually have meeting rooms and break out areas that are included in the cost of the desk hire giving you a professional space in which to meet without the price tag.

8. Be part of a community and work alongside like minded people

It’s great to work alongside people who understand the challenges of working alone or having to commute. Being in an environment where you feel like you are part of a community is not only uplifting but it makes you feel as though you are part of something, giving extra value and purpose to your day.

9. Meet potential clients

You never know who could be working next to you or across the desk – they could be a potential client or they might know someone who could use your services. By simply being in a co-working space opens you up to this potential.

10. Be more productive

Without the distractions of home, it’s amazing what you can achieve. Being out of your regular environment can enhance productivity as well as the fact that everyone else around you is working.

11. Be inspired

We gain inspiration from all different sources. Sometimes it’s our environment, sometimes it’s listening to the stories of others around you, or perhaps it’s watching how people do things. A shared office space allows for inspiration to flow from all different directions.

12. Learn something new

I’ve always said that it’s been a good day when you’ve learnt something new. Many co-working spaces also organise training or workshops that you can attend. This access to training is invaluable and it’s right on your doorstep!

So why not come and join a group of vibrant, like-minded locals? It’s amazing to see how projects can benefit from the inspiration of, and engagement with other professionals within a co-working space. The Creative Fringe is particularly amazing as it houses Penrith’s leading creative community and we welcome all start-ups, freelancers, consultants and small business owners.

Collaborate, leverage off each other and network, network, network!