9 Tips to Running a Successful Home Based Business

16 Jun 14

9 Tips to Running a Successful Home Based Business Launching a business is daunting enough, but beginning one when pregnant and as a foreigner is another thing! I started my graphic design studio, White River Design (WRD) as a part-time venture to keep up to date with the design industry while on maternity leave. Little […]

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The Importance of Images

2 Jun 14

Would you wear your tracksuit to a business meeting? No. Having bad imagery is a bit like wearing a tracksuit to a meeting. Even if you have the best body underneath it, people are going to judge you. We are human we can’t help but make associations instantly. Photography is an often undervalued and underused part of […]

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Why your keywords are irrelevant

6 May 14

Still using keywords in your SEO metadata? You’re wasting your time. Many business owners are skeptical about SEO, and incredibly confused about keywords. And rightly so. Keywords are a massive source of confusion, and with the constant influx of phone calls and emails from both local and international companies who promise first-place results on Google, […]

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Top 5 Online Security Tips

8 Apr 14

The fact that plays the primary role in the continued success of hackers is a lack of awareness and vigilance on the part of computer system users and website owners. People who still use “password” as their password, and those who have extremely outdated software are the ones who encourage hackers. Many people still remain […]

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