Working From Home V Co-working

2 Aug 18

Now more than ever, we are seeing people take on more of an entrepreneurial mindset, flying as a freelancer, or taking the leap of starting a new business, and the first thought that pops into most people’s heads is to work from home.   After all, home is FREE, comfy (aka PJ’s all day), food […]

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Community huddles together to bring warmth and comfort.

18 Jun 18

Community huddles together to bring warmth and comfort. After the success of last year’s “Think Outside the Square” knitting challenge, there was no doubt we would do it again this year, only this time we wanted to raise the bar a bit. We would run 2 Community Challenges that went hand in hand to help […]

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Joining the Dots at The Creative Fringe with Jen

3 May 18

Joining the Dots at The Creative Fringe with Jen We often talk about the collaborations that our co-workers make here at The Creative Fringe but it’s not always business connections that come together. Take Jen for instance… Jen has been following our FB page for ages, just looking from a distance at all of the different […]

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Mother and Daugher make Plastic Fantastic

18 Apr 18

Mother and Daughter make Plastic Fantastic. Jessica Melville is a Year 5 student at Trinity Primary School in Kemp’s Creek. She noticed her mother Melissa cutting up plastic bags and turning them into plarn (plastic yarn). She curiously asked her what she was doing. Melissa explained to her that she was participating in the Plastic […]

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Train yourself to Co-work

31 Jan 18

Train yourself to co-work during the train delays. We all know about the recent disruptions to our rail network over the past few weeks, affecting thousands of Western Sydney siders trying to get to work. Penrith’s most unique and innovative co-working venue, The Creative Fringe is offering commuters a place to be productive whilst being […]

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