19 Oct 15

5 Reasons You Should Attend a Workshop

5 Reasons You Should Attend a Workshop

You’ve probably seen a workshop advertised from time to time and thought to yourself – “I’d love to do that. But I’m so busy at the moment, I’ll wait until things quieten down“.

And life is busy. You’ve got so many competing demands on your time; it’s hard to find the time to do the things you need to do, never mind the things you want to do.

But here are 5 reasons why it is important to take time out of your busy life to attend a workshop ~

Learn to draw workshop Penrith Blue Mountains

1. You’ll meet new people

It gets harder and harder to meet new people as we get older.

However attending a workshop will give you a chance to meet new people with similar interests, in a relaxed and fun setting, without stress, pressure or expectation.

2. You’ll learn something new

How many times have you said to yourself “I’d love to learn how to [paint, write, draw, create a mosasic, learn interior design, insert your thing]

Yes, you might be able to Google tips to help you learn to paint, draw or write a book. But wanting to learn something new and then teaching yourself how to do it is a huge gulf most of us never cross.

The easiest, fastest and most fun way to learn something new is under the guidance of an experienced instructor who can help you bring your ideas into reality.

Gemma O'Brien

3. Step outside your comfort zone

Many people go through their entire lives without stepping outside their comfort zone.

But here’s what they don’t realise – you don’t grow and thrive as a person when you stay inside your comfort zone. That’s why it’s important to push yourself¬†and have new experiences, meet new people and feel inspired by the things and people around you.

4. Tap into your hidden superpower

The most surprising thing about attending a workshop — especially if you’re stepping outside your comfort zone –¬† is that you tap into skills you didn’t know you had. You might even find your superpower!

So many people go through life believing they “aren’t creative”. But creativity is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. The more you practice a new skill, the better you become!

5. You’ll avoid bad reality TV shows!

Which, in these days of X-Factor, The Bachelor(ette) and The Kardashians, has got to be a good thing!

So visit our website to see the range of workshops on offer at The Creative Fringe and perhaps you’ll find a superpower you didn’t know you had!